Vegetarian chile relleno
Sun-dried pasilla pepper, stuffed with farm vegetables and cotija cheese, topped with pomodoro sauce.
$14 usd

Baked eggplant rolls
Eggplant slices, stuffed with ricotta cheese , pomodoro sauce & fresh lemon basil.
$13 usd

Kumamoto oysters
Baked kumamoto oysters with dill sauce or freshly served (6 pieces)
$18 usd

Shrimp jicama tacos
Jicama trotillas, shrimp sautee & pico de gallo with tamarind sauce.
$15 usd

Grilled octopus
Tender octopus, marinated with fine herbs oil, on a bed of arugula.
$28 usd

Soup of the day
Ask your waiter for the special of the day
$8 usd

Pesto Linguini
Linguini pasta with lemon basil pesto and farm vegetables
$14/usd with shrimps $20 usd

Catch of the day with parsley crust
Wood baked f fresh catch of the day with a parsley crust and grilled vegetables

Grilled shrimp green salad
Arugula, scarlett frills, mizuna, tat-soi, mixed lettuces with grilled shrimps

Baked los tamarindos free range chicken
Wood baked free range organic chicken (raised in our farm), with squash puree and green beans

Pork shank in green mole
Slow cooked bone in pork shank, with roasted sweet potato

Aged new york steak
Mesquite grilled 400gr home aged prime new york steak, with sauteed chards and pearl onions

Colorado lamb chops
Grilled colorado lamb chops, with confit herriloom tomatos swiss chard
$48 usd

Arugula & beets salad
Baby arugula with baby beets and aged balsamic vinaigrette
$12 usd

Los Tamarindos salad
Arugula, mizuna, scarlet frills mustard & tatsoi baby leafs mix, with tamarind vinaigrette
$10 usd

Choyero capresse salad
Mixed heirloom tomato with local panela cheese & balsamic aged vinaigrette
18 usd


Pizza Margarita
Mezquite baked , organic cheese with roasted pomodoro sauce and fresh basil
$14 usd

Penne Rigate Pasta
Penne rigate, with garden vegetables , zucchini, carrots, bok choi, mixed tomatos & basil
$12 usd/With Shrimp $18 usd

Tuna Ajillo
Mezquite grilled fresh tuna, with ajillo sauce & our farm vegetable medley
$24 usd

Baked chicken
Mezquite wood baked free range organic chicken ,marinated with aromatica herb oil on a bed of farro

Pork shank in green mole
Slow cooked bone in pork shank, with roasted sweet potato
$26 usd

Grilled New York steak
400gr house aged new yok steak mezquite wood grilled, with sauteed chards and pearl onions.
$44 usd

Baby colorado lamb chops
Grilled Colorado lamb chops, with confit heriloom tomatos & grilled swiss chard
$48 usd